Singapore event: Serverless Scramble

Published on July 2019

Join us for our free Serverless Scramble breakfast at the 1880 where we’ll be discussing what ‘serverless’ is and how it’s changing the future of the cloud.

Date: 1st August 2019 – 8:00am – 10:00am
Address: 1880, Singapore

The session itself will not be a technical deep dive but serve more to allow business managers to have an informed discussion around what is available in the market and how it could affect your business.

Serverless architecture is changing the way applications are built, deployed, and used. As one of the fastest growing cloud models and with so many industries talking about serverless infrastructure, it’s important for organisations to know how it can benefit their infrastructure and applications.

In the session, we’ll be answering the following questions: does ‘serverless’ truly allow my business to focus on the application, not the infrastructure? Is it the future of cloud computing? Is my business ready to go ‘serverless’?

In this session we’ll be discussing:

  • What is serverless and why you should know about it?
  • How it is changing the world of cloud computing?
  • What are the major benefits and cons of using it?
  • Is it ready for adoption?