Why are we the perfect support partner?

We know saying we’re the “perfect” support partner is a bold claim. So let’s cross-examine ourselves. We’re the perfect support partner because:

  • We can ensure uptime for any business-critical, customer-facing application, website, or legal tech product through global 24/7, full-stack support. That’s engineers specialised in infrastructure and applications operating in three time zones, ready to jump on any issue, at any time.
  • We understand public cloud and the legal sector like the back of our hands, designing, implementing and consulting on solutions uniquely tailored to fix key pain points such as security, coping with high volumes of information and embracing emerging technologies like big data, AI and ML.
  • We’ve got the experience – Read about how we provide 24/7 managed services for the legal tech SaaS product StructureFlow.

And if that didn’t already convince you, how many other partners do you know running an Origami Moon Competition?


  • Follow the instructions (download here!) to create your moon – you can use any kind of paper, so get creative!
  • Post a photo of your moon on Twitter
    • Tag us @JAM_24_7
    • Hashtag the event #legalgeek
    • Hashtag the competition #jamigami
  • We’ll choose the best one and announce the winner after the event – the winner will get a pair of Apple AirPods!

Good luck!

Hint: Here’s a few videos of our team making their moons so you can follow along!

  1. Lauren’s tutorial
  2. Parvinder’s tutorial

Order! Order! One sign-up at a time!

If you’d like to chat to us in more detail about how we can assist with your needs, drop us a line using the form below and one of our team will be in touch.

Our key services for legal firms and tech companies

  • 24/7 support of business critical sites or applications

    Whether it’s a customer-facing website, or an industry-leading tool you need to be running 24/7 full-stack, 24/7 support is designed to ensure uptime and protect your revenue and reputation.

  • Improve cloud security and performance

    Cope with a higher volume of work and meet key security goals. Public cloud technology can help law firms meet today’s most pressing challenges.

  • Innovation

    While many law firms and legal tech companies are keen to embrace change, your internal team can’t handle everything. With an in-depth knowledge of public cloud, applications, and emerging technologies like containers and AI, we’re your perfect partner.

  • Cloud migration strategy

    Many legal firms are already partly on cloud. But not all. And the ones that are don’t always know which resources it’s best to migrate. We can help you migrate to cloud for the first time or help you determine which further resources to move.

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Why Just After Midnight

  • Protect your revenue and reputation

    Our dedicated 24/7 support service means no more out-of-hours support gap. Rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered.

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  • Use your existing technology more effectively

    Many legal firms know they’re not using their existing stack to its full potential. Stop being one of them.

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  • Move forward with confidence

    Embrace new technologies and solutions without worrying about the risks.

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  • Meet key challenges in legal tech

    From security to coping with high volumes of work, we understand the challenges facing legal firms today.

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